Stormzy Net Worth 2018

Stormzy is an England international rapper, born in London in 1993. His family’s ancestry could be tracked down to Ghana. He is a hip-hop singer who has a love for his profession. Stormzy was passionate about singing since he was a kid and started to practice rap music when he was only 11.

Before he had a breakthrough in the world of music, he used to do odd jobs to make a living. He is another story of inspiration as he came from a very bottom and became a millionaire.

Stormzy’s inspiration is the legendary singer Drake. Not only Stormzy wanted to sing since he was young, but he also wanted to compete with one of the best rappers. He had a dream to rise high even as a child. He used to participate in rap battles, organized in local clubs and bars. That’s how he started. One of his cousin, Nadia Rose, was nominated as the BBC’s sound of the year 2017.

After struggling, Stormzy finally released his debut song “Dreamers Disease” in 2014. The song went very popular and got appreciated by the critics and the listeners. He also received the Best Grime Act Award 2010 at the MOBO Awards which took place in the October of the very same year.

After the award, he becomes a famous personality among the world of grime. Within a month, he collaborated with the rappers, Chip and Shalo, and released another track with the title “I’m Fine.”

Apart from this, he has received some awards and performed in collaboration with several other artists. Moreover, his music has also featured in the lists of some of the world’s finest magazines and institution.

While growing up, Stormzy went to Harris Academy South Norwood to get his primary education. But he was destined to be a rapper and his life was like that of the typical rappers. He was weak in studies and was expelled. He went to another school as well. But it was also a waste. His life was pointless until he found his inclination towards rap music.

Although he is only 23, he is giving competition to some of the established rappers. He is a fan favorite and has a huge following on social media. He has numerous singles on his name which fans love.

Stormzy Net Worth

Stormzy is 24 years old and has a net worth of $3.5 million. This is a significant achievement in his early twenties. People are dreaming of being this much rich their entire life. The large website, Forbes noticed him after he released his album “Gang Signs & Prayers” in 2017.

His age factor and wealth caused an unexpected tragedy. Once, some policemen invaded his house due to some misunderstanding. He was doubted to be selling drugs and stuff. However, the misunderstanding was cleared, and he also tweeted about it.

Stormzy isn’t fond of discussing his properties and wealth in people. He owns a big home in Chelsea, which was unknown to public until the recent police evasion exposed his house to media and public.

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