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Slim Jesus Net Worth 2018

Slim Jesus is an American rapper and singer. He became famous at a very young and produced a number of hit songs. He, at the moment, is just 20 years old and have achieved that most of the guys in the same industry get after struggle of years. He earns most of his money from songs and music he produces. His current net worth is reported to be $400 thousand.

Early Life

Slim Jesus was born in 1997 in Ohio, the United States. When he grew up, his mother was the only person to take care of her. She was a craftsman and did a lot of hard work to educate and bring him up. Slim showed great interest in music when he young.

When he was 12, he decided to pursue his career in music and rapping. This kind of passion is inevitable if you want to score big in life. Slim had just made the very right decision at the right time and went to become famous and rich.

His childhood was not as great as compared to other celebrities around. He went to a school in Ohio but that school was closed due to some reasons. At that time, he was just five.

After leaving school, he joined the company of black guys. He was famous among the name of “Swag Jesus”. That was his childhood and he started learning music. One thing that makes him special to his fans is that he is very active on social networking sites like Twitter. He loves to connect with his fans and audience.


Slim started his music career when he 12 and released his first album when he just 18 years old. The first album “Drill Time” was released in 2015 on Soundcloud and it went viral on YouTube. This made him famous and popular. He became a new rapping sensation and the fans loved his song.

The same year he released another song “Buck Buck” and it was better than the previous one in popularity and success. He then went to perform at various concerts in 2015 and 2016. He also continued to release his songs and came up with two more albums in 2017 that were hit as well.

We are all aware of the power of social media and networking sites that how they can make anyone famous overnight. Slim is one of the people who started his career on Soundcloud and YouTube and then stayed active on Twitter so that he could be in touch with his fans. He has come a long way.

His childhood was not so great and he struggled really hard. It has been a few years that he has achieved so much at this age and it’s predicted that there is a lot more to come in the near future. He makes most of his fortune from songs and albums and we hope he will be a part of some successful songs in future. It was his dedication and vision that helped him become successful.

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