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Julia Michaels Net Worth 2018

We Were Awestruck When We Learned Of Julia Michaels’s Net Worth, And You Will Definitely Be Too.

When we talk about performing arts, we usually envision singing, acting, dancing, and music. But what most of us fail to include is the fact that songwriting in itself is an art that only the best can master. Pouring out your heart into words, expressing your feelings in the form of musical notes while also maintaining vocal aesthetics; these are only some of the reasons why we’re writing articles instead of songs. Verily, the art is underappreciated and overwhelmingly ignored.

However, when American-born singer and mostly songwriter Julia Michaels became starstruck through her songs, that stereotype had been broken.

Genres: Pop, dance, EDM

Labels: Republic

Associated acts: Linkin Park, Justin Tranter, Bloodpop, Kygo, Maroon 5, Clean Bandit, Justin Bieber

Albums: Julia Michaels, Futuristic, Nervous System

And when we came to know of her net worth, we knew well that the label of “unpaying” on lyricism had entirely fallen.

Early Life

Meet Julia Carin Cavazos, better known by her moniker “Julia Michaels”. Michaels was born on the 13th of November 1993 in Davenport, Iowa. She was born to her father Juan of Puerto Rican descent, and an unnamed mother. Her family later moved to Santa Clarita in California, where Michaels spent the rest of her life.


At the very young age of 12, Julia Michaels began singing and, at age 14, met with fellow songwriters Joleen Belle and Lindy Robbins, with whom she co-wrote tons of theme songs and singles for famous TV shows and music stars, including the theme song to “Austin and Ally”, “Miss Movin’ On” for world-famous girl group Fifth Harmony, and “Fire Starter” for renowned singer Demi Lovato.

Her inspirations include Paramore, Fiona Apple, and The Fray, and she has certainly lived up to their names.

The young artist had already been writing for Hollywood Pop Circuits by the time she was 16, and at the meagre age of 23 performed at the Summer Olympics of 2016. She sang “Carry Me” by Norweigan DJ and singer Kygo. Together, the two displayed a spectacular bond that could hardly be degenerated.

Michaels’s talent saw a glimpse of the spotlight when, in January 2017, she released her debut single “Issues”, which topped numerous charts in and out of the US. According to Julia, she kept the song all to herself, even though numerous celebrities placed forth high bids that could make her a millionaire.

Soon, as if a magic spell had been enchanted, Julia rose to stardom, gaining the eyes of the public as well as the critics. Her single was nominated twice for the 2018 Grammy Awards, which she unfortunately did not win.

Ever since then, she has worked on three Extended Plays, and has written hundreds of songs for highly-famed artists like Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato, Hailee Steinfeld, Fifth Harmony, and Gwen Stefani.

Julia Michaels Net Worth

So what do you think her net worth might be? We’ll let you guess. 1 million? 2 million? A grossing $4 million. Yes, we were shocked too that a person whose career is based mostly on songwriting could have so much in assets.

We hope Julia finds the happiness and satisfaction she seeks.

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