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Jeremy Roloff Net Worth 2018

Jeremy Roloff, the television star has accumulated a net worth of $300,000 at this very young age. He is most popular for his appearance on the reality TV show named “Little People, Big World”. He loves photography and is a professional photographer as well. He was born in the hill station of Helvetia in Oregon, USA. Unlike many other famous celebrities and successful people, Jeremy didn’t grew up in a poor household.

On the contrary, the Roloff family had thirty-six acres of fabulous cultivated land in the Portland area where they used to grow pumpkins. The land was beautiful and hence turned into a tourist spot for the people visiting the area. They also launched a family business in which they introduced pumpkin food products.


Jeremy Roloff was born on May 10th 1990 in Oregon, United States of America. His father Matthew Roloff and mother Amy Roloff were dwarfs and had a hard life, but not in terms of finances. Matthew Roloff worked for an I.T company and was a salesman usually dealing in computer softwares.

The couple, Matthew and Amy, has four kids in total. Two of them are fraternal twins including Jeremy. The other twin is Zachary Roloff who is even more deprived of height than his twin brother. However, this doesn’t make him jealous of Jeremy.

They do share a strong bond as they grew up together and were the only ones in the house of the same age group. Jeremy has two younger siblings named Jacob and Molly.

Since he was a kid, Jeremy Roloff was one of the out of the box people and wanted to live life on his own terms. He didn’t want his life to be one of those spent in an office. He likes exploring, travelling, and having new experiences.

He was also passionate about photography and so went to Brooks Institute in Southern California to learn photography and convert his passion into profession. He graduated in the mid of 2017 with hopes and desires in his eyes and a promising career ahead.

Jeremy has a nickname “Jer Farmer”. All of his family members are farm oriented and run the family business. However, Jeremy has a different life.

Personal Life

The 28 years old TV star is married to Audrey Mirabella Botti. The couple had a really long journey and went through a lot to finally settle down and share a home together. Jeremy and Audrey met when one of their mutual friend arranged a blind date for both of them. Audrey was a bit reluctant to get into a relationship.

However, Jeremy was really into her and kept trying for almost two years when finally they started dating. After three years of long distance relationship, they got married in a wedding ceremony which was described by some witnesses as a fairy tale.

How Rich is Jeremy Roloff?

Jeremy Roloff is just 28 years old and has accumulated a net worth that people lust for their whole life. The TV show “Little People Big World” is a show based on the dwarf characteristic in his family. This show earned him and his family fortune and gave them fame. However, his acting and TV career pays him more than $100,000 a year and makes him rich.

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