Ice-T Net Worth 2018

Ice-T Biography:

A legendary gangsta rapper, creative musician, versatile actor, inventive songwriter, record executive, record producer, and an author, in a nutshell, he is Ice-T. He is known for his raps focusing street life and violence. He gained his experience by wandering in the streets of Los Angeles and created some of the influential songs of the rap genre. His real name is Tracy Lauren Marrow.

Here is a complete view of his life and career:

Early life:

Ice-t was born on 16th February 1958 in New Jersey. Her mother died when he was three. After awhile his father also died and he moved with his aunt in L.A California. She raised him, and Ice-T started indulging in street life and became a member of West side Rollin 30’s original Harlem Crips.

He received his education from Palms Junior high and Crenshaw High School. He started taking interest in heavy metal music since his childhood.

In 1979, Tracy joined U.S army to earn enough to support her daughter and girlfriend. He gave four years of his life to U.S army. After that, he came back to join music industry.


He established his career eventually when he signed to Sire Records and released his debut album “Rhyme Pays”. He was also a co-founder of a heavy metal band named “body count”. He launched his band in his first album “O.G”. the first album was a successful one while his other albums didn’t gain any popularity. However, his song “cop killer” fiercely hit the stores and break the records.

Though he played a significant role in formulating hip-hop music in 1987, he became the most controversial figure of the hip-hop. He recorded a theme song of Dennis Hooper’s film “Colors” which have got a gold certification.

His first rap album was released in 1996 “return of the real”. The critiques became active and reviews were average, but the album did not make it to the commercial level successfully.

In parallel to music job, he started appearing on the big screen too. Ice-T appeared with the major role in movies such as New Jack City, Ricochet, Trespass, Johnny Mnemonic, and surviving the game. The most glorious role which enhances his acting career was the long run NBC popular police TV dramas “law and order: special victims’ unit” in 2000.

Although in 1990’s Ice-T got a substantial level of success as a recording artist and a film star. According to Newsweek reference, he is “a foulmouthed moralist”. Whereas, in Entertainment Weekly James Bernard quoted that “Ice-T has something to teach anyone concerned about the rotting core of America’s cities”.

In 2006, he did a reality show “Ice-T rap school” in which he gave coaching to 8 teens of New York preparatory school.

His services as an author were that he used to wrote rhymes. In addition, he wrote some of the books too such as “A memoir of gangster life” and “redemption”. In his books, he mentioned about his father and social circle.


He won the Grammy award for his album “back on the block” in 1991. the album gained the award as the best rap performance by Duo.

He is known as the father of gangsta music. Ice-T procreated the careers of some artists like NWA, Snoop Dogg and Get boys.

Ice-T Net Worth:

The net worth of Ice-T in 2018 is $40 million.

Ice-T Earnings

Rhyme Pays$523,000
Power $1320
The Iceberg/Freedom Of Speech... Just Watch What You Say!$538,000
Home Invasion$567,000
O.G. Original Gangster$543,000
Tank Girl movie salary$1 million
Ice T and Coco's home in New Jersey 2012$2.1 million

Ice-T Details

Full Name: Tracy Lauren Marrow

Birth Date: February 16, 1958

Birth Place: Newark, New Jersey, United States

Age: 59

Ethnicity: Black

Nationality: American

Occupation: Rapper, musician, actor, record executive, author

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Weight: 91 kg

Marital Status: Married

Partner: Coco Austin

Children: 3

Net Worth: 40 million dollars

Twitter: Here

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