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G Herbo Net Worth 2018

One of the most inspiring personalities for rap lovers is Lil Herb, who is called by a name, G Herbo. This 21 years old boy has brought tremendous changes in the realm of rap music. He started his journey in the music industry since 2012 and in this limited period, he enlisted himself among the top American musician.

The main inspiration of G Herbo was from his grandfather and uncle who were also used to be associated with music. Once one of his very close friends died, this was the turning point in his life and he started taking his rap career very seriously.

He worked hard for almost 5 years and he was found to be very lucky to make his room in largest rap industry in America after releasing his mixtapes. Currently, he is living in Chicago along with his family.

Genres: Hip hop, drill

Labels: RED, Machine Entertainment Group, 150 Dream Team

Associated acts: Common, Lil Bibby, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Durk, Lil Yachty

Albums: Humble Beast, Pistol P Project , Ballin Like I’m Kobe, Strictly 4 My Fans


In his childhood, he faces a lot of calamities. His earlier, childhood name was Herbert Wright. His grandfather and uncle brought him up. His locating area was famous for violent crimes. Since his childhood, he was naturally inclined towards music.

His life journey starting from Terror Town’ at South Shore then Chicago and then to the world fame, was not a child’s play. He could not get a formal education due to unsystematic situations.

For once his schooling begins but then he left it in m to concentrate on rap music. Not only had this but he took it so seriously that with the passage of time it becomes his sole business model.

Achievement and awards:

He released his first mixtape, Welcome to Fazonland, after he faced the largest hover of his life. And this hover was actually the death incident of his very close friend and he dedicated his first mixtape to his friend, Fazon.

By the end of 2014, his another song was released Chiraaq with the collaboration of Nicky Minaj. Some of his milestones in early 20’s include, ‘Ballin like I’m Kobe’, ‘No hook’, ‘Pistol P Project’, ‘Know Something’, They know us, Shout Out, Up Next 3, Game Over’, knucklehead’, ‘Chiraq’ and ‘Finer Things’. Moreover, he has also appeared in many other songs done by another artist like Lil Bibby.

Together with Lil Bibby. He launched another famous song ‘Kill Shit’. This was his first mixtape which had gone viral on YouTube within no time. He made his first, official appearance in ‘Pistol P Project’ and ‘welcome to Fazoland’. In 2015, his third mixtape was introduced in the market with a title Balin Like I’m a Kobe. All of his work was greatly appreciated on social media.

G Herbo Net Worth

As per estimation, up till now, his net worth is calculated as $1 million. This is really surprising that a 21 years old guy has made this worth in just 5 years. In a comparison to last year, his net worth has increased up to 40%. He is very fond of cars and for once he was seen in a very luxurious, black shiny car.

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