Emily Fernandez

Emily Fernandez Net Worth

Emily Fernandez is an American TV personality with a net worth of $300,000. She is famous for appearing in reality TV series Little Women: Atlanta and Little Women: Dallas. Emily has a very small height.

Emily was born in Texas on 22 June 1992. She joined the TV show Little Women: Atlanta rom where she got the nickname of Right Cheek.

Personal Life

Emily Fernandez has a son and a daughter. One of her son died when he was only three months old. Due to this incident, she left Atlanta with her family and moved to Dallas. There, she joined the cast of Little Women: Dallas.

How Rich is Emily Fernandez?

Emily Fernandez has a net worth of $300k. She earned that money from appearing in reality shows like Little Women: Dallas and Little Women: Atlanta.

We wish Emily best of luck in her future endeavors.

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