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Dave Hester Net Worth 2018

Dave Hester is an American reality TV star who is a professional auction hunter and an auctioneer. He has been working in the same profession for over 25 years now. He is known for being a part of the show name “Storage Wars.”

Dave has an excellent business sense. He once bought a painting, with a title “The Golden Pool” by the Californian impressionist “Jack Wilkinson Smith,” for only $750. However, he sold the very same painting for $155,000. This is insane profit. This sell remains the best profit of his career, and he continues to be one of the very best in the auction business.

His company is registered by the name Dave Hester Auctions. Despite all the business-mindedness, Dave remains a very kind man and also does auctions for charity, etc.

Dave Hester being rich doesn’t make him the famous guy he is today. The reason that he is known to the public is his appearance in the show name “Storage Wars”.

The show started in 2010 and Dave has been a part of it since then, and it doesn’t seem to be in near future that Dave will leave the show. It is a game of experience, skill and a little bit of luck. Some bidders are available at the show that gets to glance at the storage units.

There are different type of contents in each of the units. And then the bidding starts. Each of them places their bids, and one of them is chosen to buy the container. Sometimes, a unit may have great things inside. Meanwhile, sometimes it may be garbage. Once, a contestant made almost $40,000 profit over an $800 unit.

Dave Hester has something special since childhood, regarding buying and selling stuff. He started participating in auctions since the age of 14. He used to live in Orange County, California and used to buy and sell products from the military stores. Starting at a very young age, he has gained massive experience in the field and so he was picked up instantly for the “Storage Wars” show.

In 2012, the “Storage Wars” production team ruled Dave Hester out of the show. However, he filled a lawsuit and claimed that he didn’t deserve to be thrown away and was wrongfully treated. He won the case against the show management and rejoined it by 2014.

Dave Hester, the auction guy, gets a lot of media attention and has been involved in numerous controversies. But he has managed to keep his love life away from the cameras and journalists. No one has a clue if there is any woman in Dave’s life or not. However, it is known that Dave is a father. He has a son. Nothing more than that is known.

How Rich is Dave Hester?

Dave Hester, a great entrepreneur, has managed to create a net worth of $4 million for himself. The salary and the wages from the show “Storage Wars” have contributed massively to this. He is 51 years old, but it doesn’t seem like Dave is going to retire anytime soon. His entrepreneurial passion will make him fight till the very end.

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