Dappy Net Worth 2018

Dappy, the English rapper, has a $2 million net worth. He was born in June 1987 and is a British international. Dappy is a stage name. His real name is Costadinos Contostavlos. Dappy’s list of talents doesn’t consist of rap only.

He is a singer, a songwriter, and an actor as well. Alongside Fazer and Tulisa, Dappy performs as a lead singer in a Camden-based band named N-Dubz. In addition to being an extraordinary singer, Dappy isn’t ordinary in terms of dressing sense as well. He is in the limelight quite often because of his unique and eye-catching fashion sense. One of the most significant parts of his weird dressing style is his headwear. He is so obsessed with his fashion that he has named those hats as the Dappy’s hats.

Genres: Hip hop, R&B, Grime

Labels: Polydor Records, Island, Def Jam, Takeover Entertainment, All around the World,

Associated acts: Cover Drive, Mr Hudson, Tinchy Stryder, N-Dubz, Richard Rawson, Tulisa Contostavlos

Albums: Bad Intentions

Dappy is in a long-term relationship with his girlfriend, Kaye Vassell. The couple has two sons Milo and Gino. The family lives in St Albans. Dappy’s band has a total of three musicians. They call themselves N-Dubz and the other person is his very own cousins Tulisa.

Costadinos’ parents Mr. and Mrs. Contostavlos used to live in Camden Town in the North London and eventually he was born and grew up in the very same area. He had two other siblings named Zoi Agoura and Byron Contostavlos. Unfortunately, Byron died in 2007.

Dappy and Fazer had a past. For the very first time, the two met at a karate class when their age was merely 9. After a while, they both started schooling at the same place and became best mates. It was during their friendship that they realized that they are very much alike. They have a similar interest in music and had similar dreams.

They used to write lyrics and create beats by themselves. At last, Dappy’s cousin Tulisa joined them. Reportedly, she was a bit reluctant to join those guys. But once she had the courage, things went well, and the three of them rocked the world.

Tulisa, Fazer, and Dappy came up with the name Lickle Rinsers Crew and started performing in the nearby localities of the Camden Town of the North London. Dappy’s father was his inspiration to kick starts the band, and hence he asked his father to be the band’s manager.

He was a very devoted man and wanted to try his best to help his son pursue as a musician. With the minimal amount of salary he used to get by working at a barber’s shop, he bought Dappy and his fellow instruments and studio equipment. Things were going pretty well, but Danny’s father died in 2007 due to a heart attack.

The group was heartbroken. Still, they wrote a song for the one died. The song’s title was “Papa (Can you hear me?)”. They played this song at the funeral, and to their surprise, it went on to become a huge hit featuring in the top downloads lists. His father’s role was huge in his success, and so he tattooed “RIP Dad” on his neck area. Moreover, whenever he has to refer his father’s name, he doesn’t say his name. Instead, he prefers to call him “Uncle B”.

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